A series of boxes exploring my personality and emotional life.
How do we keep ourselves sane? What do we show? What secrets do we keep? Never judge a box by it’s cover.
There is an element of self-portrait to these pieces, a parallel to the poetry collections DULL, Notes on Becoming a Ghost and a new collection found on the projects page.
There is a great element of doodling and making-it-up-as-you-go-along to these pieces. The designs of the boxes and many of the items in the boxes are made from scrap materials with the odd found object. I am working with what I’ve got to hand when I have no budget.
In part, this is what I do to keep sane, to feel I am doing something and have purpose.
The pieces are arranged chronologically with the oldest at the top and the newest at the bottom.

The four emotional forces driving me – Fear, Frustration, Helplessness and Shame.

60 Years – one cubby for each year of my life (unpopulated)

Self-sabotage Kit (unpopulated)

A golden box of treasures – everything you need to guide you through life.

Keep Sane – cleromancy as a way of reducing stress.

The Mind – a look inside the layers of thinking.

Boxing – random stuff kept in separate compartments