A selection of mainly video and sound files, ordered chronologically with the most recent at the top.
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A New Collection

A collection of categorised memories presented in random order. 2022
Some content may be challenging.
There is no sound.


More details about the new collection can be found on the new collection page.

Notes on Becoming a Ghost

A collection of poems with images, looking at one persons internal world. 2021
Issues include self-esteem, body image, dysthemia.
NB: This video is designed to be listened to on headphones or earbuds. The sound is quiet, but there are no jump-scares.

More details about the Notes on Becoming a Ghost project can be found on the NoBaG page.

The Barman

A reflective piece about a favourite watering hole. 2019


A response to my frustration about the off-pitch violence by England ‘fans’ at the Euro Championships 2020

The Tiny Thing

A DIY, limited edition of 25, numbered, signed, hand-crafted, minimalist, anti-lit, universal
fictional biography with gold-leaf and embossed authenticity detail.
Written, made and recorded during the first Covid lockdown 2020.
For more information contact pete@peteland.co.uk.


CW. The video below contains content that some may find offensive.

This is a ‘portrait of the artist‘ poetry collection in video form.
The recommendation is that the viewer watches the entire video and does not dip in and out, as one could a written collection.
The video is 37 minutes long.
For more information about the DULL project visit the DULL page.

A selection poems with multi-media for an event fundraiser 2009.

A bit of Christmas fun.

The Altogether was created for Bristol Poetry Festival 2008.

Looking for the Lone Star. A film about a poetry odyssey that never made it to screen. 2005.


Tryst and Isobel – an early attempt at a poetry film.

The tale of Bob the Tadpole – a very simple flash animation.